Additionally on our tours learn answers to questions like:

Sedona is surrounded by 1.85 million acres of national forest, about the size of Rhode Island and Delaware combined and is very abundant in wild life.

Why are the large mammals (bears, mountain lions, deer) considered to be dwarf size?

What wild animal is considered to be the mascot of Sedona and where might you see one?

What is the fastest land animal in North America that lives here?

What are the most commonly feared animals and critters in this area and the reasons why you don't really need to fear them?

What critter out here has one of the most bazaar life cycles on the planet?

Where might one see a Delk and/or a Jack-o-lope?

There is an abundance of trees and plants in Sedona due to the water shed and temperate climate.  Learn answers to fun questions like:

Why is the Arizona Cypress tree considered by the Native Americans "The Guardian Of The Forest"?

What plant grows a stock at the end of its life that grows 5 inches a day and was used by the Native Americans as a major source of food?

What different plants were used by the Native Americans for treating pain, relaxing, making soap, or stimulating blood flow?

What plant inspired Walt Disney to design his most famous of cartoon characters?

What tree do the Hopi carve their sacred Kachina Dolls from?

What tree gave the Native Americans tremendous amounts of vitamin C so they never suffered from scurvy like the settlers did?

What extremely old tree provided the Native Americans with yeast, rope, and the first disposable diaper?