About The Guides

Chad Graf

   Tour guiding is more than a job to me, it's a life passion. I love having adventures with people and watching their eyes light up as they see and experience amazing sights and hear fascinating aspects about them.  Every tour I impart lots of great information that people love and I also learn something new every tour as I interact with the wonderful people that come to visit this area from all over the world. 

 My formal education culminated at Purdue University, but I feel my best education came after college when I moved to Sedona and the southwest. I came in 1996 desiring to meet an author who's metaphysical book I had read. In doing so began a journey of learning and self discovery beyond what I could have ever imagined. I’ve had many an amazing experience that have shaped and educated me as well have met many amazing people that have done the same.  I look very forward to meeting you and guiding you on a fantastic adventure!


Connor Mobley

  Nature, the essence of exploration and the chasing of the expedition, it's what fuels me and motivates me to show everyone the beauty and amazing history this land has to offer. I am a born and raised Alaskan, spending my youth exploring the wilderness. That feeling has never left. 15 years later, and after spending time with the Shoshone natives on the mesa's of southern Idaho, is when I found out the desert is where my heart resided. The mystery's and the culture has entrapped mind and body in the southwest for good reason. The ancient natives claim this land to be comparable to the Garden of Eden. So lets discover for ourselves what this mecca meant for them over 10,000 years ago! 

   After completing courses at the University of Alaska Anchorage for aviation technology and maintenance, and working in the industry for a couple years, I knew I needed to find myself in the high desert if I was to feel content. In 2017 I made my venture down and drove 6000 miles until I stumbled upon Sedona and the Verde Valley.  I stopped in my tracks literally. 

  After meeting my business partner and mentor Chad, helping to reinforce my love of this land, I now live to show people the greatness of the southwest. Its no better pleasure of mine to be your guide and show you things only Dynamic Journey Tours is capable of knowing.

Sabertooth Cat petroglyph near V Bar V ruins site. Can you imagine that there were people around to see this beast and record it!? Considering all Sabertooth Cats went extinct at the end of the last ice age(12,000 years ago), throws a stick in the mud for our current migration theory of the ancient Pueblo peoples. (can be found 15 miles east of Sedona)