The Crystal Sands experience

A genuine experience and understanding of our Crystal world. *Private*

  • 4 hours
  • 200 US dollars
  • West State Route 89A

About the Tour

We require a min of 2 tickets purchased and we have a max of 5 per group (Solo travelers welcome) Going further into the phenomenon of Sedona, the Vortex, the spirit of the Red Rocks and what powers it, we invite you to join us on our Crystal adventure! Crystals, the land, and us? How does all this relate, interact, and benefit us in our daily lives? Most importantly, how can we cement these concepts so one can experience Sedona's magic anywhere they are, as well as benefitting ones self and sharing it with others? We use the sacred land as a break-through setting to show you the path of guiding ones self to their own truths, using the power of the Earth. The point of this tour at Dynamic Journeys is to give fulfilling and genuine experiences. This isn't designed for entertainment, but for the ones that are genuinely curious with New Age concepts, in a world that is exponentially learning faster and faster. Where there is a lot of confusing information, or just empty explanations to deep rooted concepts. Using psychology and metaphysics, we can help show the definitions for these unexplainable things in our Western world. What one would experience with us is 3.5-4 hours of time. First beginning with the Ancient ones, also known as the Hisat'sinom, the Hopi word for "the Ones who came before". It's important to know the foundation for this Sacred Land with its Sacred Sands. Next would be discussion on Crystal Theory, how one finds their perfect stone, as well as the characteristics that each type of Crystal contains (Kirilian Photographic explanations), and the connection related with the Mayans, Egyptians, Babylonian and Pueblo peoples. An understanding of the Chakra system and our etheric bodies, so one understands methods of energy movement. Afterwards is a trip to the Mystical Bazaar, one of the best Crystal stores in Sedona. With our help and what you've learned, you'll have an opportunity to shop and find the best Crystals meant just for you! Next we travel to Red Rock State Park to expand on the land, and lastly to Peace Park where we will meditate, and go within. All while practicing these concepts and topics in a private and isolated manor. Making use of Sedona's power with the energy, sites, colors, and weather, we hope you leave feeling fulfilled and content with what "The Ones Before" considered a Sacred land.

Cancellation Policy

Our policy requires a minimum of 48 hours notice to offer any refunds We offer 75% refund for all local tours (Vortex & Explore Sedona & Crystal Sands) 100% refund for all long distance tours (Grand Canyon & Antelope Canyon & Petrified Forest,)

Contact Details

  • 1785 West State Route 89A, Sedona, AZ, USA