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Led by one of Arizona's most experienced, professional, and entertaining guides; these magical tours allow you to explore an abundance of authentic Southwest splendor.

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      "Really Know Sedona & The Southwest"


Explorative walks and educational talks  through some of our

planet's most awe-inspiring and uplifting scenery.

There will be plenty of time at each of our tour stops for photo ops and to have a fully immersed experience.


Geological wonders like:

Why are the rocks red? the palisades white? and the caps grey?

What cataclysmic events

created Sedona's remarkable red, white, and grey rock layers?


Why has this area become a mecca for movie stars, holistic healers, spiritual seekers, UFO sightings, crystal workshops, writers, poets, musicians, artists, and yoga festivals?

Why is Sedona considered a mecca for so many Native American Cultures? Who were they? How did

they survive?

Who were Sedona's Homesteaders? What

role did they play?

Why isn't Sedona a National Park, and what's the real story of Sedona's namesake?

Why is Sedona so green even though it's located in a desert?


Why is Sedona's fauna some of the most unique on the planet?


Curious about the vortex?

Featuring as the Jeep Tour Driver in this eight minute, beautifully produced documentary we explore some of the mystery, science, and spirit of Sedona


What is the explanation for this mystical energy that is found everywhere but is most abundant here in Sedona?

Being in the proximity of a vortex, what might you feel and experience?

Is there any science behind it?


Why is the Grand Canyon the most popular of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World?

Would you like to see this mind-blowing sight which is on nearly everyone's

bucket list in one of the most epic ways?

Antelope Canyon & Lake Powell

Travel across the painted desert, descend into one of the world's most brilliantly colored and shaped canyons. You will be in awe.

Then travel a short distance across the massive Glen Canyon Dam (rivals Hoover Dam) and experience the glory and enormity of Lake Powel. 


Board a boat and tour around what is the upper spires and side tributaries of the Grand Canyon. It's beyond belief! :)

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