Frequently asked questions

What kind of vehicles do we travel in?

We use enclosed and air conditioned vans that have great coverage from the sun while traveling inbetween locations.

What kind of clothing should i wear?

Enclosed shoes arent required, but unless you hike often are helpful to navitgate a couple of our sites. Depending on the time of year it could be hot(100f), cold(40f), or both in the same day! Packing for your trip we reccomend to just to be prepared for any kind of weather, but expect the Sun of course!

How long are we on tour?

For our local tours we visit 2-3 locaitons as well as sight seeing along the way. Most of the time is outside the Van at each site. Tours are 2-2.5 hours For our long distance trips, we spend roughly 4 hours at the Grand Canyon and any other desitations that will be avaliable later on. Tours are 9-12 hours ( includes travel time)

Dont see your tour avaliable?

Give us a call or an email, we can see what can do and try our best to have you on an adventure with us!