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Private Group Vortex Tour

Discounted rates for groups larger than 4 and up to 10


Focus on the power of Sedona

With a private group tour we visit 3 select sites in Sedona over roughly 3 hours. We can offer an explanation of what it is, how and why it's here, and help guide you into the beginning of learning how to make use of it. All in the comfort and like mindedness of your group, exploring these topics are much more satisfying as well as rewarding when we are all on the same wavelength. 


Pricing and rates

  • Our private tour rates are $570 starting with parties of 5 adding +$50 per person for a max of 10 people.

Contact us today to set up a tour!!

We strive to make this experience as affordable as possible.


Tour Details

Experience and learn about Sedona on this enriching tour that is both spiritual and scientifically satisfying for both the heart and the mind. We share what a vortex is, how the concept originated in Sedona, the Native American connection, how the geology relates, scientific discoveries, and more.

Here are the full details regarding the tour: 


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